Ephesians 4:1-3 from Mission: Evidence of Grace is up on YouTube! Two more videos are coming soon.


We have updated a few songs, including several for Mission: Agents of Grace Unit 3 to replace the five-verse medley that never really worked. Unfortunately there's been no progress yet on recording more vocal tracks; let us know if you'd like to help.


We've added Dark Mode support to our web site. Not much progress on songs lately, but we haven't forgotten! Let us know if you're interested in helping.


Vocal tracks and videos for Mission: Grace in Action are done! As we look ahead to Mission: Evidence of Grace, we are re-evaluating the songs we wrote back in 2018 with a critical eye based on everything we've learned since then - some of them were good, but some were thrown together in a hurry and don't really hold up. So we're making some changes, and we'd love your feedback!


We've finished writing all the new songs for the revised Mission: Grace in Action collection. Also, it took a little longer to get moving than we had hoped, but we've finally started putting vocal tracks online, as well as videos on YouTube! It's a slow process, but our goal is to average at least one more song per week.


Download buttons have been replaced by a new download panel with options to choose different formats, and we have begun adding vocal tracks as well as accompaniment tracks (with no melody) for a few songs in Mission: Agents of Grace Unit 4. Please let us know if you notice any glitches.


We are preparing to record vocal tracks, and are prioritizing the revised Mission: Grace in Action series (as well as the two Start Zone verses), with the goal of having at least Unit 1 completed by September. Unfortunately this means we won't be completing the Mission: Discovery of Grace series for awhile. Please let us know if you've got a good voice and would like to help with recording!


Awana has released a new updated version of the Mission: Grace in Action curriculum, and several of the memory verses have changed. We've updated the Collections page so both the original and the revision are available, and we will be working to add new songs for the new verses that have been added.


We've finally completed the last song in Agents of Grace! We've also added a bunch of new ones for Discovery of Grace including two by Dave Cook of, which we've added to our Links page. Also updated the audio track for Proverbs 1:7.


Updated the audio tracks for Psalm 46:1, Psalm 12:6, and Ephesians 2:8-9.


Added James 1:5.


Added Philippians 2:3, and updated the audio track for Romans 5:12. Added a link to Joshua 1:9; we're waiting to hear back from the publisher to see what they'll let us do with it.


Added 2 Corinthians 15:10.


Added Romans 1:20 and Psalm 12:6 to complete Agents of Grace Unit 2.


Added 2 Peter 3:2 for Agents of Grace section 2.5, and finished Agents of Grace Unit 3 by stuffing five verses into one very ambitious song titled “Jesus Said”.


We've launched! There are 58 songs in our collection so far (not including six that we want to use but don't have a license to distribute), out of our goal of 104 (more or less). Whew!